St. Paul Winter Carnival – King Boreas Grande Day Parade

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Special Line-up / Meeting instructions: You can meet the group in one of two locations. You can go to the the line-up position and Emily will be there as close to 1 p.m. as she can be. To stay warm for a little bit longer, Tim will be inside the RiverCentre doors right off of Kellogg, across from the parking ramp (Rivercentre is the auditorium connected to the Xcel Center). If you are riding a giraffe, go to the Tim/Rivercentre location. Tim will be leading the group at exactly 1:30 to the parade start. If you cannot locate Tim, go to the parade line-up area #37, someone will definitely be there.

Line-up time: 1 p.m. – because of the cold, maybe closer to 1:30.
Parade time: 2 p.m.
Line-up position: 37
Line-up Location: Probably somewhere on Cliff St.

Parade Route: Smith Ave & Cliff St., up Smith to West 7th, east on West 7th to 5th St. , east on 5th past Rice Park, turn right on Market. Approximately one mile. Historically, parades of this length take around an hour to complete once we reach the parade start. See the map from the organizers here: 2015 Winter Carnival Grande Day Parade Map.

Special Parade Attire Note: Because of the cold temperatures, the dress code is relaxed somewhat. While we would like everyone to look coordinated, the primary goal is to stay warm.
Here is what to wear: Blue TCUC sweatshirt (not hoodie) or t-shirt over a jacket or the blue TCUC jacket – if you can fit enough warm clothing under it! Sleeves under t-shirts are preferred to be dark, white, gray or blue. Black pants. Solid black preferred, but other dark color ok. Black shoes or boots of any color. Hats and mittens, again dark or blue color preferred. From parade organizer: “Please dress appropriately as there is no access to warming areas.”

Parking hints: There is NO PARKING in the streets around the line-up. If you want to park near the end, there should be parking available at meters and in ramps. Some members park in the Science Museum ramp.

Info from organizers: There is LIMITED parking at the east end of Jefferson Avenue in the School District parking lot.  As parking is limited, please carpool.  Once the lot is full, you will need to find parking elsewhere outside of the staging area.  The parking lot is not monitored during the parade so please do not leave valuables in your vehicles. Only vehicles participating in the parade are allowed to enter the parade staging area past the school building.  You will not be allowed to enter the parade staging area to drop off participants.