Loaner Unicycles

TCUC has a number of unicycles that we keep to loan out to members. Please contact the club for more details or to borrow one. If you borrow one, you are responsible for picking it up from the equipment manager or the member who has it, and responsible for returning it. You may use the unicycle for a reasonable amount of time. In some cases, especially with new or popular unicycles, we may restrict the period to a week or two until everyone has had a chance to try it.

24 Inch road unicycles

The club has six 24 inch unicycles. These are mainly used for racing at NAUCC and for that period they are reserved for members attending NAUCC. There are not too much larger than a 24 but will give you a little extra distance if you want to try your road riding with a small size.




29 Inch road unicycle

This is a great size for road riding! The club has two of these and are great to use if you want to move up to traveling a little fast/farther but still on a relatively comfortable sized wheel.


32 Inch road unicycle

This is a brand new size to try to please riders who may not feel comfortable on a 36 but want to go faster than a 29. It rides much like a 29 in the handling and turning bu, gives you that that extra foot of distance with every crank revolution! (Nick not included)


36 Inch road unicycle

Sometimes called “Coker” after the first company to make this size, these are very popular with people who ride long distance. It takes a little practice to mount, but once you get the hang of it you can really cover some distance. The club has two of these.



We have a whole page that has information on muni riding. These are very popular with members who want to try muni. We have two



muni 3



Trials Unicycles