Classes and Practices


Classes are typically set up with more one-on-one instructional time, and with demonstrations. We provide unicycles for class members. Participants register ahead of time. TCUC members do not get paid to run the class; class fees go towards Community Education fees. If the class member is a minor child, parents or guardians are required to stay with them during class.

Fall 2018 Classes:

Woodbury (Thursday Evening) – signup through Woodbury Community Ed.  Click Here to register. (spoiler: classes will start Sept 13 at 6:30, and it has filled for the last 2 sessions)



Practices are open gym times in which members practice their skills and help each other. Non-members can come to learn, practice, or visit. You do not need to bring your own unicycle! However, if you continue to attend open practices, we will ask that you join the club. If you are not a member and want to attend a practice, go ahead and show up and introduce yourself. If you want to try out unicycling, contact us ahead of time and we can arrange a unicycle for you to borrow. Parents or guardians are required to stay with their children at practices. All participants must sign a waiver – please print and bring one with you if possible.

Practice Locations:

The locations of our practices are based primarily on the availability and willingness of members to volunteer their time to run a the practice. There needs to be at least two members, hopefully more, in a location that can share responsibility. We then also need to find an available space – open gym space is difficult to come by. Based on our membership we have held practices in all corners of the Twin Cities at various times. We often hear “your practices are far away from me – don’t you have a closer location?” The best way to get new locations is to learn to ride at one of our existing practices and then volunteer to run a practice!

For a current schedule with times and locations, see our Calendar.


Hockey is played with any members who show up for a fun pick-up hockey game.10960308_10152833685690547_6933105384857764902_o