Classes and Practices


 A few times a year we run community education classes where you can learn to ride a unicycle. Club members will give one-on-one instruction, and the club provides unicycles for the class. If the class member is a minor child, parents or guardians are required to stay with them during class.

Usually, there is time for open practice for club members before or after the class.  If you are a club member at a class, please help out the new riders.

Fall 2021 Classes:

Woodbury class is planned for Thursday Evenings at 6:30, September 9 – October 28 (no class on September 23). Signup is not yet available but will be through Woodbury Community Ed.


Practices are open gym times in which members practice their skills and help each other. Non-members can come to learn, practice, or visit. You do not need to bring your own unicycle! However, if you continue to attend open practices, we will ask that you join the club. If you are not a member and want to attend a practice, go ahead and show up and introduce yourself. If you want to try out unicycling, contact us ahead of time and we can arrange a unicycle for you to borrow. Parents or guardians are required to stay with their children at practices. All participants must sign a waiver – please print and bring one with you if possible.


At some practices (mainly Friday) a portion of the practice time is devoted to playing pick-up hockey. It may seem amazing to a non-rider, but hockey is not all that difficult to do on a unicycle. Any level of rider may play, although it is helpful to know how to free mount the unicycle.

Freestyle Team

Freestyle Team is the performing group and competition team of TCUC.  We perform on stage every year for the Mondo Spectacular as part of the Mondo Juggling and Unicycle festival. We are hired to do shows for schools and half-time shows at sporting events.  The highlight of the year is competing a NAUCC, the national competition. We have also competed at Unicon, the international competition.

Usually, Freestyle team has included riders of level 5 or greater ability. If you are approaching this level, and think you might be interested in Freestyle Team, talk to one of the stronger riders at practice to find out more information. Group riding in Freestyle Team is a lot of fun, and it is a great way to improve your skills very quickly.