Getting Started

Getting Started

If you are looking for unicycling in the Twin Cities you have come to the right place.  The Twin Cities Unicycle Club (TCUC) has been active in Minnesota for almost 40 years.  It is the largest unicycle club in the US, with many active members. Whether you already ride a unicycle or want to learn, TCUC is the best way to connect with other unicyclists in the Twin Cities area.

TCUC practices unicycling year round. During good weather, you may see us riding around the lakes, on mountain bike trails, or in parades.  For most of the year we also hold indoor practices for individual learning, group riding, and unicycle hockey and basketball. The best way to contact us is to show up at an indoor practice. Check the calendar for upcoming dates and locations.

If you want to learn to unicycle, we recommend coming to one of the indoor practices or enrolling in one of our community-ed classes.  At practices, there will always be a few unicycles for newcomers to use, and a club member will help you to get started. Learning to unicycle is not difficult, but it takes some persistence.  Some people learn to ride in a few hours, but most people take a number of sessions to learn. 

Unicycling is a great way to improve physical fitness, balance and coordination. It’s fun for all ages, and offers a lifetime of challenges and friendships. TCUC offers a welcoming atmosphere with riders of all skill levels to provide advice and encouragement to new and experienced riders.

Once you are riding, there will be many opportunities to participate in club activities and in the wider world of unicycling. We do outdoor fun rides, distance rides, and muni (mountain unicycling) rides.  We regularly play unicycle hockey. A number of members participate in the North American Unicycle Championships, held once a year somewhere in the US. Some members also participate in the international championships (Unicon), held every other year. For a full list of activities, see Activity Overview.

Once you have made contact with the club and have attended a few practices, you should think about joining the club.  The yearly membership dues are very affordable. With membership, you get a weekly newsletter with up-to-date schedule information and announcements about events that may interest you.