St. Anthony Villagefest

St. Anthony Village Villagefest Parade

Friday, August 4, 2023

Line up time: 6:10pm

Parade time: 7:00pm

Parade Line-up location: St Charles Borromeo School, 2727 NE Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis

Line-up position: 34

Parade Manager: TBD

Parade Route: North on Stinson, east along St. Anthony Boulevard, turning southwest on Kenzie Terrace for 1/4 mile, then ending at the shopping center. Since it is a short parade route, the organizers ask that we continue performing until we have entered the parking lot at the shopping center.

From the organizers: Our primary staging area is the south parking lot of St. Charles
Borromeo Church and technically the school.  We start vehicles
northbound on Stinson Blvd, and then turn right (east) onto St.
Anthony Blvd.  The parade continues on the Blvd until it reaches
Silver Lake Road to the north and Kenzie Terrace to the south, where
we turn right (south).  We proceed to the Mobil station where the
parade disbands.  The right turn from St. Anthony Blvd onto Kenzie Terrace is a point on the parade route where gaps often form.  Once you complete the turn, please do your best to continue to keep a good, slow parade pace and also please be mindful of the distance of the group behind you to ensure a gap doesn’t form.  The parade continues until you reach the entrance to the shopping center.