Savage Dan Patch Days

Savage Dan Patch Days

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Line-up time: 10 AM

Parade time: 11 AM

Parade Line-up location: Line-up is in the parking lot of Continental machine. The 2018 route has changed. Lineup is the same, but the end has moved a few blocks south. Here is the Official 2018 Parade route map. Lineup is just west of Quentin and 123rd St at Continental Machines. The parade will kick off going east on 123rd. See parking hints below for an intersection near the end.]

Line-up Position: 40

Parade Manager: Lisa

Parade Route:
Schedule of events and map

Parking Hints

Since this is not a loop parade (the end area is different from start), we will pull a second wagon for SMALL items that you want at lineup but not while riding (raingear, etc).

Q&A FAQ from organizers: Savage DPD FAQ (pdf) The gist is stay away from Quentin and avoid driving to the lineup area as there are few roads that lead out of that area. “If you prefer to park near the staging area there will be some parking at the dog park located on the Frontage Road (123rd Street). Parking is also available near the end of the route.” [parking is not allowed on Quentin Ave].

Mike: Parking near the end on residential streets worked well last year, and then I was able to exit to the south onto McColl, avoiding the parade area.

Art: The lineup area is separated from the end by a stream with few roads that cross it. So driving to the start area to drop people off can be a challenge if you want easy access to your car afterward. I like to park along Natchez Ave. Avoid Ottawa St, as that is part of the parade route this year. The North end of Natchez looks like about a half mile walk from lineup and not too far from where any fair food, etc. might be.