Roseville Rosefest

Roseville Rosefest

Monday, June 26, 2023

Line-up time: 5:30 p.m.

Parade time: 6:15 p.m.

Parade Line-up location: Roseville Area High School

Line-up Position: TBA

Parade Manager: TBA

Parade Route: East on B2 starting at the high school, north on Lexington, west on County C to Civic Center Dr. Roseville Parade Map 2023

Since this is not a loop parade (the end area is different from start), we will pull a second wagon for SMALL items that you want at lineup but not while riding (raingear, etc).

Note from the organizers: This is a great parade to bring a bag dinner and watch the first part of the parade go by while we wait. The parade route starts by passing along the parking lot that we line up in.

Parking Hints

To drop people off, you must approach Roseville High School on B2 from Hamline, headed east. You can pull off to the side on B2 just east of the high school main gate. Only one way traffic will be allowed on B2. There is only limited parking in the line-up area. 2016: Organizers are encouraging people to park near the parade end (near the Civic Center/Oval) where there will be an awards ceremony for the marching bands after the parade – sounds like that could be a crowded area.

Emily: I have often parked in the neighborhood between Hamline and Lexington, and between County C and County B2. This allows for easy access to both the parade start and end, as well as a quick exit onto Hamline after the parade.

Mike: I park in the back lot at the Roseville Civic Center (next to Woodhill Dr.) and then am able to exit to the north. It is riding the whole route twice, but why not!?!?!?