Richfield 4th of July

Richfield July 4th Parade

Wed, July 4 2018, 1 p.m.

Line-up time: noon

Parade Line-up location: [2018] parade route has changed due to construction. West side of Harriet Ave between W 71st St and W 72nd St (across the street and a block south of Richfield High School). No dropoffs on Harriet Ave! See 2018 map

Line-up Position: 19

Parade Route: [2018] T-6 Thunder flyover at 1:15! Parade route is modified due to construction. Start at Harriet and 70th, go east on 70th to 12th Ave. Route is 1.5 miles. See 2018 map.

Special Parade Rules: Please wear red, white, and blue to this parade! You must wear the TCUC shirt and black shorts as usual, but if your black shorts have red, white, or blue accents that is acceptable for this parade (example: a red stripe down the side). All riders should wear black or festive (red, white, and blue) socks, please no plain white socks for riders. The black shoes rules still apply to those riding giraffes and riding in the back. Feel free to decorate your unicycle for the 4th of July as well! We are there to entertain!

Parking Hints

[2018] We have permission to park one vehicle near lineup. This will be used to drop personal items right before parade start (raingear, overcoat in case of extreme cold, etc). We may also pull a second wagon for SMALL personal items.

From organizers: Only the vehicle being used in the parade may enter the line up area. Harriet Ave will be closed to all but vehicles in the parade from 70th to 74th. Please have others in your unit park on the side streets and walk in to the line up area. No drop offs will be allowed; please use the side streets if you are dropping someone off. The school parking lot will be used for lineup of higher numbered units.

Mike S.: Lots of on street parking – I have parked right at the end around 11th or 12th and then it is a quick shot out to Cedar Ave./77 to exit the area (in previous years on usual route).