Parade Parking

General Parking Hints

  • A few parades having parking lots for parade participants. These may also have shuttle buses that run from the lot to the parade line-up area. If this is the case, we will provide that information in the parade information page.
  • Some parades have a circular route. This makes parking more simple than non-loop routes. But some of the general hints below may still come in handy.
  • Cities close off streets for parades. However, this could be as limited as only closing the street that the parade is on, to closing off streets in the neighborhoods surrounding the route. Hints from what cities have done in previous years will be included on the parade page, as well as any information that the city may provide.
  • Parade routes that are not a loop present a decision: park near the beginning, somewhere in the middle, or near the end. There are pros and cons for each, often depending on the nature of the parade route. Obviously, you will have to ultimately ride/walk the parade route twice. Again, any hints will be provided on a parade page.
  • For non-loop routes, one member often drops off riders near the line-up, drives to the parade end, parks, and then walks/rides to the line-up. However, TCUC officers are not responsible for under 18 riders dropped off while you park. It is your responsibility to arrange with another adult to be responsible for your underage rider(s).
  • When planning on where to park, it is good to think about your “escape route” – a route from your parking spot to a major road taking you away from the parade (which is usually still going on after we finish) that does not cross the parade path or other closed roads.