New Richmond, Wi.

New Richmond WI St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Line-up time: 1 p.m.

Parade Time: 2 p.m.

Parade Line-up location: We line up near the corner of W 3rd St and Minnesota. Get directions

Line-up Position: Position is usually flexible. “And we start sometimes when we want to. Small town, fun atmosphere. Totally different from anything else we do.”

Special Parade Attire: Try to wear green accents. Hair spray, gloves, hats, etc. Still have to wear the club T/Sweatshirt/jacket, black pants/shoes. But heavy on green additions! Black (or green for this parade) socks! You can wear the TCUC green sweatshirt in this parade!!!

Weather Attire Info: Make sure to dress warm enough to wait, but not so warm for riding! TCUC jacket, TCUC sweatshirt (not hoodie) or t-shirt over other clothing. Dark, white, gray or blue under-clothing are preferred. Black pants. Black shoes or boots of any color. Dark or blue color preferred hats and mittens if you wear them.

2018 – Art Kotz will park as close as possible to lineup so people can drop off a warmup layer in his vehicle before we go. That way you can wear what you think is right for the parade (when you are riding) and add a jacket on top for before we go.

Parade Route: East on W 3rd to Knowles (Hwy 65), north 2 blocks to W 1st, west 4 blocks to  S Washington Ave, then back to W 3rd to go east back to the start. Circular parade.

After parade event: We may get together somewhere afterward, but nothing formal (TCUC is not paying).

Parking Hints

Parking can sometimes be had along Minnesota south of W 3rd — they have angled parking, but it does fill up quickly. The parade route will be closed from 3:30 until after the parade around 5PM. Parking may be found a block west on S. Dakota Ave also.